Nowt to Do With Me :Rural Stories from the North of England by Frank Wilson

Nowt to Do With Me :Rural Stories from the North of England

Author: Frank Wilson

Publisher: Peakpublish  ISBN: 9781907219313, 224 pages  Format: Paperback

The stories in "Nowt to do with me" are all about characters; the kind of individuals who have peopled our villages and brought colour and spice to the pot that makes up our daily diet. People like the one of a kind post-man Harry, Jim, the loud-voiced local pig-killer and farm-worker Jack who gave the book its title. Add in Billy the eccentric clay-miner, Jane the cat-lady and Slipper Barker, the village school-teacher. Stir in two Derbyshire great-uncles, Ken the jovial bell-ringer, pub land-lady Sylvia and Albert the organ-blower. Season with Adrian the ever-worried choir leader, stuttering Ivan and flighty, flirty Brenda and we have the basis of a tasty country recipe. Extra flavour comes from the likes of runny-nosed Jimmy, basin-cut Sam and a supporting cast of sundry cricketers, school mates, bell-ringers, singers and golfers.

Frank Wilson was born in the Loxley Valley to the west of Sheffield in South Yorkshire in the middle of the Second World War. The son of a dairy farmer, his early years were filled with farm and rural activities in a community that was only slowly beginning to change from its traditional patterns.He now lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.