Sonny: The Truth Between the Lines by Gordon Wallace

Sonny: The Truth Between the Lines

Author: Gordon Wallace

Publisher: Peakpublish  ISBN: 9781907219290, 244 pages  Format: Paperback

Sonny Boothroyd is a young man who leaves the warm clasp of his family to face almost certain death. The road he travels is invariably deep in mud which clings to him and the letters he is allowed to send home to his mother. In time, Sonny's blood will be added to the mud that marks his final resting place. In this book we trace Sonny's last journey and identify those who urged him to take it. His employer, the business barons who ran his city, and those in government claiming to represent him are just some of the people who put Sonny in uniform, and sent him to fight in the savagery that was the First World War. Never before have these individuals, their motives and their purpose, been subjected to such close scrutiny. They prevailed on him to "volunteer" while others cheered him on his way. But Sonny Boothroyd was a flower of the forest who never returned in Spring.

Gordon Wallace has been a freelance writer for over 30 years. A Radio documentary 'Just a Few Lines' based on the letters of a First World War soldier was scripted by him and broadcast by BBC Radio on two occasions and given a Sony Award for best programme in its class. His short story 'Picture in a Junk Shop' has also been broadcast by BBC Radio 4.

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